Creative Director: Dante Molino
Content Director: Adam Erickson
Marketing Director: Cliff Jackson

The Princeton Strategies team needed a new logo, branding and website. They wanted a vintage inspired aesthetic with a modern twist accompanied by a sleek, mobile ready site design. ​​​​​​​
We designed an original branding package inspired by vintage political posters from the 60’s and 70’s and gave it a modern spin. Using the design language and imagery from the by-gone era, we applied a “tried & trustworthy” look and feel, making sure to keep it true to concept but not fake feeling or outdated.
We built the website with a mobile focused, single page scroller design. It also includes attractive subtle animations, while making sure the buttons and layouts are easy to use on phones or tablets, so that seeing exactly what Princeton Strategies is about is as easy as possible.
See our work in action at
The process started with the logo. Sketching exploration was done first to find an initial direction.
Moving on to many iterations and exploring digitally. Searching for the right configuration and feel.
“Vectors are free” as Aaron Draplin would say.
Narrowing down the iterations to a final group of selections.
Once the designs are narrowed down, color exploration and application can begin.
The final logo configuration is selected, tweaked and delivered. In this instance a short logo style guide was created to accompany the logo to denote color and font usage.

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