Creative Director: Dante Molino
Content Director: Jeff Ferraro

Bloody Chainsaw Brewing is a small batch microbrewery out of Arlington, Virginia. Owner Jeff, needed a brand refresh and help creating labels for his new line of beers, as well as accompanying marketing materials. Using my previous experience working with breweries and beer labels, I was able to give BCB a new logo and a series of original labels that all felt much more branded and connected.
I started BCB's branding with a logo. The brewery is "horror themed" so we decided to go with some "Friday The 13th", slasher film style, hand done typography. Here are some explorations from that.
After the client selected a style they really liked, some tweaks were made and some example treatments were made to really show off the lettering.
BCB's owner was loving this logo so far, but felt it needed some imagery involved in it somehow. They really wanted to incorporate a "chainsaw visual" somehow... so I went back to the idea sketch board and created some alternative concepts, using the already established type.
These were a hit – a single one was selected, added some color for POP and finalized. An alternate version with "brewing" subtext was created for marketing use and the logo was finished.
These are some of the recent label designs I've created for the brewery's many lines.


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